Prizes attributed on behalf of Corlas

Three prizes are awarded in relation to Corlas. The Shambaugh Prize is conferred every second year by the Corlas Board to a member who has accomplished a remarkable work in the field of Otology and related basic research. The first recipient of this prize was Georg von Békésy in 1949. The Shambaugh Prize is funded by the Corlas US group and attributed alternatively to a member inside and outside the US.  The Acta Prize is awarded every four year since 1995 by a jury composed of the Editor of the Acta, the Chairman of the Acta Foundation, and the Corlas general secretary. The Benjamin Prize is attributed annually during each Corlas meeting to encourage a young researcher who has made an especially interesting presentation (oral or poster). The recipient should be ideally younger than 40 year-old, and in any case below 45. The Benjamin Prize is funded by a donation from the Dutch group, the jury consisting of the President of the congress, the Vice-President, and the Corlas general secretary.

1949 G. von Bekesy
1951 R. Caussee
1953 H. Davis
1955 Ch.S. Hallpike
1957 E.G. Wever
1959 J.R. Lindsay
1961 L. Rüedi
1963 A.C. Hilding
1965 G.F. Dohlman
1967 H. Engström
1969 C. Fernandez
1971 L.B.W. Jongkees
1973 G.E. Shambaugh Jr.
1975 H. Spoendlin
1977 C. Smith
1979 J. Tonndorf
1981 T. Palva
1983 H.F. Schuknecht
1985 J.M. Aran
1987 R. Kimura
1989 C.R. Pfaltz
1992 D.J. Lim
1994 J. Wersäll
1996 R. Ruben
1998 M. Portmann
2000 A. Ryan
2002 U. Fisch
2004 V. Honrubia
2006 P. van den Broek
2008 J.B. Nadol Jr.
2010 H.P. Zenner
2012 J. Harris
2014 M. Suzuki
2016 B. Gantz
2018 C.-H. Chouard, G. Clark, and I. Hochmair-Desoyer
2021 Lloyd B. Minor
2023 K. Avraham


1995 P. Brandtzaeg
1997 P. Dallos
1999 N. Isshiki
2001 Collegium ORLAS
2007 J.F. Battey Jr.
2011 M. Goycoolea
2015 S. O’Leary
2019 B. Wollenberg
2023 L.O. Cardell
2006 C. Matthias
2008 B.W. O´Malley Jr
2010 S. Manolidis
2012 I. Keogh
2015 K. Stankovic
2016 P. Senn
2018 Z. Liu
2019 Y. Agrawal
2022 S. Waissbluth
2023 A. Maruyama
James B. Snow Jr. MD Tinnitus Research Award
2015 C. A. Bauer
2016 P. Van De Heyning
2018 R. A. Dobie
2019 R. Dauman
2021 M. Charles Liberman
2023 T. Kleinjung