Collegium History

The initiative taken in 2002 by Egbert Huizing and Paul van den Broek to publish the History book of Collegium Oto-Rhino-Laryngologicum Amicitiae Sacrum was especially intended to inform the new generation of members on the circumstances that led to the creation of CORLAS. While World War I had killed or injured millions of human beings, offering in 1926 a scientific setting in the north of the Netherlands where international leaders from “both sides” could again exchange their thoughts was a remarkable idea of two Dutch scientists, Charles Emile Benjamins and Adriaan De Kleyn.

The intent of giving birth to CORLAS can thus be seen as a diplomatic initiative to solve a political problem.

The soundness of this challenging project was fully demonstrated by the growing attendance to the following annual meetings and the elaboration of rules safeguarding the spirit on which the Collegium is, still nowadays, grounded.

Among all the prominent founding members, can be recognized standing up at far right Charles Emile Benjamins, and, sitting in the third position from the right, Georges Portmann (Bordeaux), sitting second from left Robert Barany from Uppsala, Nobelprize winner 1914 and fourth from left Hendrik Zwaardemaker (Utrecht), president of the founding meeting.

  • C.E. Benjamins

    Charles Emile Benjamins was born in July 1873 in Semarang, Java, where his father, Henri Louis Benjamins, was a medical officer. He left Asia with his family in 1911 and moved to Utrecht where, in 1912, he was appointed ORL specialist at the St Antonius Gasthuis. In this city he was able to carry out exciting physiological work on anatomy and physiology of the labyrinth in the laboratory of Prof. Zwaardemaker, one of the foremost medical physiologists and otorhinolaryngologists of the Netherlands at that time. In 1924 Benjamins was appointed professor in ORL at Groningen University and it was during this period that the initiative of creating CORLAS was born in his mind and that of De Kleyn. It is interesting to know that Benjamins had obtained his main training in ORL diseases in France and Germany, this education making even more difficult for him to accept the absence of dialogue between the two countries after the tragedies of the war.
    For further information about Charles Emile Benjamins, see

  • A.P.H.A. de Kleyn

    Adriaan De Kleyn was born in 1883 in Southern Holland. He made his medical studies in Utrecht and, after having completed his ENT education in Vienna (Politzer, Bárány), he settled in Utrecht as an ENT specialist at the Diakonessenhuis. Despite several offers from other universities, he stayed many years in Utrecht to be able to continue his research activities in the fields of ophthalmology and balance. In Utrecht he had numerous discussions with Charles Emile Benjamins and their common interest for international friendships undoubtedly favoured their aspiration to restore scientific contacts between France and Germany. In 1936, Adriaan De Kleyn eventually accepted professorship at Amsterdam. In 1938 he was President of the 10th anniversary meeting of the Collegium in Groningen.

1926 H. Zwaardemaker Groningen (founding meeting)
1927 F.R. Nager Zurich
1928 F. Schmiegelow Copenhagen (business meeting)
1929 A.A. Gray London
1930 C.Voss Frankfurt am Main
1931 G. Portmann Bordeaux
1932 A.G. Tapia Madrid (business meeting)
1933 A. Precechtel Prague
1934 G. Holmgren Stockholm
1935 A. Rejto Budapest
1937 F. Brunetti Venice
1938 A. de Kleyn Groningen
1947 C. Hicquet Brussels (informal meeting)
1948 N.Rh. Blegvad Copenhagen (informal meeting)
1949 N.Rh. Blegvad London (business meeting)
1950 G. Ferreri Rome (informal meeting)
1951 Y. Meurman Helsinki (business meeting)
1952 L. Rüedi Zurich
1953 L. Rüedi Amsterdam (business meeting)
1954 V.E. Negus London
1955 B. Gusic Zagreb-Belgrade
1956 G. Portmann Bordeaux
1957 G. Portmann Washington (business meeting)
1958 G.T. Wilson Dublin
1959 G. Hofer Vienna
1960 M. Arslan Padua
1961 M. Arslan Paris (business meeting)
1962 J. Chryssikos Athens
1963 I. Simsons Hall Edinburgh
1964 H. Wullstein Würzburg
1965 H. Wullstein Tokyo (business meeting)
1966 P. Mounier-Kuhn Lyon
1967 J. Lindsay Chicago
1968 T. Leegard Oslo
1969 T. Leegard Mexico City (business meeting)
1970 E. Borghesan Palermo
1971 W.H. Struben Rotterdam
1972 E. Escher Berne
1973 E. Escher Venice (business meeting)
1974 J. Angell James Bristol
1945 I.F. Padovan Dubrovnik
1976 C.A. Hamberger Stockholm
1977 C.A. Hamberger Buenos Aires (business meeting)
1978 M. Ciges Granada
1979 L. Surjan Budapest
1980 F.A. Sooy San Francisco
1981 F.A. Sooy Budapest (lunch meeting)
1982 L.B.W. Jongkees The Hague
1983 P. Pialoux Paris
1984 L.S. Manolidis Corfu
1985 A. Coyas Miami (lunch meeting)
1986 H.H. Naumann Munich
1987 G. Rossi Turin
1988 I. Watanabe Tokyo
1989 I. Watanabe Madrid (lunch meeting)
1990 C.R. Pfaltz Basel
1991 D.F.N. Harrison York
1992 M.N. Kotby Cairo
1993 M.N. Kotby Istanbul (lunch meeting)
1994 M. Andrea Estoril
1995 K. Albegger Salzburg
1996 P.W. Alberti Vancouver
1997 P.W. Alberti Sydney (lunch meeting)
1998 P. Bretlau Copenhagen
1999 A. Morgon Lyon
2000 J.B. Snow Washington
2001 J.B. Snow postponed
2002 P. van den Broek Noordwijk, Cairo (lunch meeting)
2003 R. Grénman Helsinki
2004 P. Mangabeira Albernaz Salvador
2005 P. Mangabeira Albernaz Rome (lunch meeting)
2006 G. Tavartkiladze Moscow
2007 C. S. Kim Seoul
2008 H. Scherer Berlin
2009 H. Scherer Sao Paolo (lunch meeting)
2010 I. Sziklai Budapest
2011 P. Lefebvre Bruges
2012 R. Filipo Rome
2013 M. Önerci Seoul (lunch meeting)
2014 M. Önerci Istanbul
2015 P.A. Wackym San Francisco
2016 R. Dauman Bordeaux
2017 O. Sterkers Paris (lunch Meeting)
2018 W. Huang Beijing
2019 M. Kompis Bern
2020 M. Goycoolea Virtual Business Meeting
2021 M. Goycoolea Virtual presentations Boston
2022 M. Goycoolea Santiago
2023 T. Yamasoba Tokyo
General secretaries
1926-1940 C.E. Benjamins Groningen
1940-1960 E. Huizinga Groningen
1960-1976 L.B.W. Jongkees Amsterdam
1977-1986 C.R. Pfaltz Basel
1987-2000 P. van den Broek Nijmegen
2000-2008 P. Karma Helsinki
2008-2015 R. Dauman Bordeaux
2015- A. Mäkitie Helsinki
1926-1936 A.R. Tweedie
1936-1950 V.E. Negus London
1950-1966 L. Ruedi Zurich
1966-1990 M. Portmann Bordeaux
1990-1999 J.M. Aran Bordeaux
2000-2008 R. Dauman Bordeaux
2008-2015 R. Grénman Turku
2015- S. Stöckli St. Gallen