Annual Report 2022

Dear Members and Friends of the Collegium ORL Amicitiae Sacrum

I hope you are all doing well at the end of this eventful year. Several crises are currently plaguing the
world – this is the time for us to strengthen and build what we know to be valuable. We are motivated
to continue advancing scientific collaboration and communication of our latest research through
CORLAS. This year’s Annual Meeting showed that all our efforts have paid off.

We have a special reason to thank our President Marcos Goycoolea, Vice President Hamlet Suárez and
their local organizing committee, who were deeply committed to their work and organized an
unforgettable Annual Meeting 2022 in Santiago de Chile. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Annual
Meeting had been postponed twice (instead, we organized Zoom Meetings in 2020 and 2021) and the
live meeting could only be organized in November 2022. This particularly successful event reinforced
our confidence regarding the operations and future of CORLAS after two years of remote activities.
The Board has held several remote meetings during the past year to discuss the functions of our
society. One significant structural change is that CORLAS will now be an officially registered society.

We have also entered into an agreement with a company providing association management services
(GUARANT International, based in Prague, Czech Republic) regarding secretarial and administrative
tasks. The members have already received correspondence from the company during the past year
regarding contact details that need to be updated in our registry.

In this report you will find the Minutes of the Board Meeting and the General Assembly 2022.


Antti Mäkitie
General Secretary

Annual Report 2022